Airlines Mobile App

Airlines Mobile App is fully traveler based and is absolutely necessary for improving interactions with travelers and corporate branding. The travel mobile app helps travellers to seamlessly glide through the airport and into their seat without hassles using the latest technology and makes travel experience easier. It brings an intelligent, intuitive experience to travelers on popular mobile devices like iPhone, iPad, Android, BlackBerry and Windows Phone 7.

Flight info & Status Notifications

Passengers can track flight status and boarding information and create text or email flight alerts and receive push notifications on flight information like arrival and departures, landing, delays, cancellations, baggage, check-in counter, airport lounge and gate changes. Moreover, useful tips on various airports, travel advice, weather updates are also available.

Flight Tracking

Travel app utilizes smartphone features like GPS, camera, compass which enables users to track the flight’s location using interactive maps. The app has layouts and designs which makes flight tracking easy for mobile phone users to grasp and share geolocation for flights in air by flight number or by route, on the go.

Flights & Fare Search

The Airlines app is fun and enjoyable to use. This app lets smartphone users to sort by price, time, airline, stops, and will let users search for flights from nearby airports, and also compares cheap flights for different companies along with their prices.
Bookings & Check-in
Mobile Airline apps allow passengers to book flights directly, view and manage their bookings and check-in to flights anytime before departure. The travel mobile app cater to all types of travelers, who can get useful, personalized and real-time flight information via mobile phones like iPhones, Android or BlackBerry.
Boarding Pass
When a passenger checks-in for a flight, boarding pass will be downloaded on their smartphone. Passenger can use the mobile boarding pass anytime for their destination. With the mobile app, passengers can view information on the current and past boarding passes for flights.
Mileage Plan account
Passengers can create and manage account and view statements on the fly. Frequent fliers can view all their miles, earned and redeemed mileage, expired and extended miles, use mileage calculator, check mileage claim, and browse the latest promotional offers and lifestyle awards, as well as partner information, all at fingertips.