Enterprise CMS

University Mobile Application offers the best of both worlds and is a powerful native mobile app solution for higher education. University mobile app is geared to provide pertinent information about the students, prospective students, faculty and staff anytime and anywhere it is needed - on the go. This mobile app is available for iPhone, iPad, Android and Blackberry and provides access to campus news, directories, contacts and events as well as maps, course information and more.


Social media integration on ECM allows users to share multimedia content like newsletters, blogs, photos, video with customers via Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn. Social ECM is aimed to encourage sharing, capture knowledge, and empower people.

  • Profiles: Create profitable customer relationships in real-time
  • Blogs: Spread the word from marketing and customer support to sales and product development.
  • Groups: Help companies to socialize web presence  
  • Tagging: Add new customers and boost brand loyalty
  • Analytics: Every view or click on an item can be tracked and analysed using Analytics integration
  • Forums: Harness the collective energy of the crowd and improve online reputation


We provide a scalable and secure ECM platform for businesses to manage digital content in multiple channels which helps enterprises to reduce operational loss and increases ROI.

  • Content: Manage, control, store, and deliver content and documents from a single repository 
  • Rich interface: Intranet and extranets can share information and files with expandable PHP plugins 
  • Media: Manage media assets like image, audio and video with user-friendly interface. 
  • Template: Rich designs, innovative interactions and deep integration with data and processes 
  • Workflow: Users can interact to control information and data flow including business processes.
  • Dynamic menus: Create multiple user-generated menus to controls, tabs and groups with unique look and feel


Deliver enterprise CMS on iPhone, iPad, Android, BlackBerry, and Windows Phone 7 leveraging device-specific capabilities, regardless of screen size.

  • Mobile site: empower enterprise users, connect customers on the go, and make them more efficient 
  • Mobile app: Push and pull content from multiple devices with ease using device-specific features.
  • Location based: GPS integration enable users to store and analyze geographical information visually 
  • Offline content: Access the latest news, images, and videos in the mobile app and work offline 
  • Push notifications: Receive easy-to-control list of notifications on new content and excellent offers.