Healthcare/Hospital Mobile App

Thinking about Mobile Healthcare apps. Anubavam can help....

At Anubavam, we leverage the best mobile technology solutions to enable our clients to optimize their productivity, improve service levels and reduce their response time. Our hospital mobile apps are effective solutions to many of the challenges faced by the healthcare industry.

Our mobile healthcare solutions & enterprise solutions allows you to build app once and run anywhere for multiple mobile platforms, speeding up our clients' ability to achieve total enterprise mobility in a reliable and secure mobile environment. We have created innovative healthcare solutions with the latest ingredients in technology.

Our medical mobile apps allows healthcare providers to access critical clinical data at the point of care, which saves money and helps to deliver the most efficient and effective patient care possible.

Anubavam Hospital Mobile provides patients and prospective customers use this health care mobile app as a handy tool for sharing information such as finding consultants, guidance to the hospital, health and first aid references, and storing of important personal medical data. People can access first aid information in the healthcare mobile with a single tap, providing important guidelines for everything from animal bites to heatstroke.

With healthcare mobile of Anubavam Hospital, you can use the department link to look up a consultant, locate their office, and call to ask a question or make an online appointment. You can even view the floor plans of Anubavam Hospital's on-campus buildings.

Key features:

  • Emergency – allows you to call for an emergency room visit, ambulance, physician and first aid
  • Facilities – loaded with information on critical care, Rooms, diseases, tests, procedures, drugs, etc.
  • Map – zoomable map showing hospital location
  • Tariffs – Find out tariffs for room, lab, consultation fees, etc.
  • Virtual Tour – turn by turn guidance of mapping from your current location
  • News & Events –Get the latest news updates about events, happenings and achievements
  • Contact us – main hospital number, plus specific numbers for major departments with map
  • Find a physician – search for a specialist based on department in healthcare mobile app
  • First Aid – practical advice for situations such as infant choking, poison, animal bites, bleeding, burns, etc. on emergency visits
  • Emergency Contacts – enter and save your emergency contacts in hospital mobile app
  • Physician contacts - enter and save your physician contacts in health care mobile