Mobile Web Developer

A Mobile web represents optimizing the web on a mobile device with a smaller screen size and browsing capabilities with stripped down content for providing a mobile user experience. Mobile web is treated as a separate domain with rich possibilities and isnt an extension of desktop experience with limitations. A mobile version of a website helps to evolve a suitable data-driven content strategy and website design tailored to business needs with regard to content consumption, page visits and page views.

  • Worldwide trends in mobile consumption

    • 124 billion websites today
    • 10,000,000 mobile websites estimated
    • Access to mobile web from more than 5,000 different mobile devices
    • 4.6 billion Mobile phone subscription
    • 326 million Smartphones sold
    • As per Google, 1 in 3 searches through Smartphones are for local businesses
    • 3 times as many people use messaging on mobile phones than from all PCs combined
    • 20% of all mobile phone sold are smartphones
    • 29% population access internet through mobile phones
    • 53% access internet through computers and mobile phones
    • Increased use of 3G networks for data services that account for 20.5% of total mobile service revenues
    • About 80% of all mobile consumer applications downloaded are mobile games and mobile gaming revenue is expected to surpass $5.6 billion-19% increase compared to the previous year.

    Why optimize websites and web apps to mobile devices?

    Developing a mobile version of a website ensures rich mobile user experience is factored upon unique mobile behavioral dimensions and device capabilities. Mobile websites enables businesses to provide customers with a streamlined interface. Web development in mobile applications is the latest innovation growing at a rapid rate and there is an increasing need to develop apps for multiple operating systems and a wide range of mobile devices. Various mobile devices are virtually exploding into the market across different operating system, and screen size that makes developing optimized mobile web apps more appealing. There are a lot of different frameworks that enables mobile web developer to create mobile web applications providing mobile user experience like native apps.

     Mobile website scenarios 

    • Large number of visitors access through Mobile devices
    • Online shopping like Tickets, Music, Games
    • Access to user generated content through Mobile devices
    • Location based services using Google Maps
    • Mobile commerce for products or catalogues

     Mobile app store size

    •  Apple App Store – 300,000 apps
    • Android Market - 100,000 apps
    • Blackberry App World -10,000 apps
    • Window Phone 7 Marketplace – 1000 apps
    • Apple iPad Apps (including iPhones) – 35,000 apps

    Our expertise in mobile web development services & solutions

    We specialize in developing mobile websites and platforms that streamline content and deliver it to customers in Mobile web development. Our mobile web developer can manage and add content as well as specifically optimizing mobile site layout for any mobile devices on cross browser and cross platform. We develop and launch a wide range of integrated and innovative mobile applications for businesses in mobile app development including mobile marketing, mobile CRM and mobile entertainment products and services. Our expertise services and solutions in mobile web development include:

    • Mobile Web Application Development & Consulting
    • Custom Enterprise applications
    • Mobile website designing
    • Mobile web content management
    • SEO friendly Mobile website and marketing promotions for effective interaction with customers on the move
    • Testing of Mobile browser compatibility for better Mobile website user experience on devices
    • Developing customized Rich Mobile applications for seamless interactive user experience
    • Mobile widget development
    • Flash Lite and Java Mobile Game development (JavaME)
    • m-Commerce including mobile payment solutions
    • OMA download OTA provisioning
    • Custom applications for Mobile websites using JavaME with MIDP 1.0 & 2.0, BREW, XHTML/WML
    • Location based services with all platforms that supports Java MIDP and all support key Open Mobile Alliance (OMA) standards
    • Mobile application Porting and migration
    • Social Media integration to connect Facebook, Twitter, etc. to Mobile site
    • Mobile security
    • Mobile solutions for advertising & sponsorships

    Mobile web application development benefits

    • Building custom applications for mobile devices using Java, BREW, XHTML/WML
    • Utilizing ASP.NET Framework's mobile controls for the creation of custom and dynamic content in the suitable mark-up language like HTML 3.2, WML 1.1, XHTML
    • Full-featured content management/delivery system to manage all types of content (text, images audio, video, etc)
    • Central repository of data and user friendly interface for non-technical managers to manage content with ease
    • Localization and internationalization capabilities

     How we can leverage mobile optimization strategies for mobile web development for you?

    • Streamlined mobile version of website
    • Mobile website optimization on mobile devices ensures the best end-user experience and full brand integrity
    • Using web analytics for tracking visitors through devices, content preferences and usage patterns
    • Content strategy based on content preferences and consumption patterns.
    • Leverage device capabilities based on content strategy and contextual relevance
    • Mobile version testing against wired Web norms and mobile content and design premises using mobile-centric analytics

    Expert mobile web developer

    Our team of skilled mobile web developers have extensive experience in mobile web application development using the latest ingredients in technology keeping in line with the latest trends. Our dedicated  mobile web developer provide complete, end-to-end mobile/wireless solutions that integrate business activity through mobile devices and content delivery systems to publish a range of information for mobile profitability. Our mobile web developer can build applications that leverage the benefits of wireless technology to businesses. Our mobile web developer harness the Java ME and Flash Lite CDK and other mobile technologies for creating a productive mobile environment in mobile app development to ensure a new mobile environment.