Restaurant mobile app

A fully customized and branded mobile app for your restaurant with a back end which allows restaurant owners to easily change the description of the menu item or price, add deals, send push messages on-the-fly.

Tasty browsing experience

Add menus, categories, pictures and videos of food and drinks. Allow users to like and give feedback on your menus that not published out side.

Chef recommendation

Our innovative restaurant app can guide users to select a main ingredient then a specific dish, and it returns a list of recommended styles with the option to view specific dish that suits your preferences.

Events and specials

Restaurant owners can just seamlessly organize new events, weekly specials, coupons, discounts, deals, and update as per business needs.

Online ordering & delivery

Customers can easily browse the menu, find the nearest restaurant, book a table, or call up to order their favorite food. You can choose seamless delivery or pick-up and make payment by credit card or cash.

Book tables

We have expertise in creating Restaurant reservation websites for restaurant owners and visitors to make reservations and view bookings.


We bring the power of mobile technology to create rich interactive apps from your iPhone, iPad or Android to make the life of restaurant owners easier and faster which enables them to gain advantage over competitors.


We can track and provide excellent analytics on user behaviours and their likes. So you know who likes what food and drinks and allow you to send specials on the items that they like.

Social servings

We can add Facebook page to the restaurant for engaging with existing and potential customers. You can monetize social media to take orders directly from your fans and friends.