Web app to mobile app

Build a mobile web app using, jQuery mobile, Sencha touch and using Phonegap make it offline, access mobile contacts, GPS, camera and more.

Mobile local storage / offline

Sync your web app to mobile app which includes blogs, news, images, and videos which alllows users to read offline. Use mobile local database and improve loading performance.

Push notifications and marketing

Use push notification to instantly notify your users on new content and excellent deals from your website. Let the users see offer details on your mobile app itself.

Location smart content

Take advantage mobile GPS and show deals, content, listings and more based on your user location. It is not just a web app to mobile app but really a smart app.

HTML5 mobile app

Create a HTML5 mobile app with responsive design or mobile website for your existing web app and instantly show clean mobile view when it is accessed from a mobile devices.

Web to iPhone app

Build an iPhone version of your web app using the power of iOS SDK. Offline storage using SQLite. Make JSON calls directly to your web app. Web to iPhone app can be published to app store as well.

Web to Android app

Web to android app is a need when you need to access hardware specific things like, GPS, Camera and more. Web to android app is built for all Android phones and tablets and published in Android , Amazon and other app markets. .