BlackBerry Development

Blackberry smart phones have changed the face of mobile communications. BlackBerry enables users to stay connected with wireless access to e-mail, calendars, messaging, and corporate data. Secure access to corporate e-mail has been made possible by the Blackberry Enterprise Server (BES).

Key features of BlackBerry Mobile applications
  • Blackberry OS for smartphones was developed by Research In Motion (RIM)
  • Multimedia, high speed internet browsing, data transfer, instant messaging, organizer features and push e-mailing for robust business activities
  • GPS navigation, audio, video imaging support & rich graphics
  • Push API for data storage and integration with apps
  • J2ME for more APIs offers flexibility and power
  • Google Gears and SQLite support for widgets
  • PIM applications for data management
  • Multithreading, internationalization, network communication, and local data storage
  • Integration of faster java script & CSS
  • Blackberry solutions for social networking sites like Facebook, MySpace
  • Blackberry Messenger for instant messaging
Why choose BlackBerry Application Development?
  • Blackberry applications built on Java platform, Micro edition (J2ME) technology, for most feature-rich and functionality based solutions and MDS for affordable solution.
  • Mobile data services enable Blackberry wireless service to perform fast and easy.
  • Blackberry browser for quick webpage refresh with java script.
  • Blackberry can be activated on a BES without doing wireless enterprise activation
  • Applications, such as the message list, organizer applications, phone, and browser provide rich user experience.
  • Integrate multiple accounts on BES in a single device.
Top 10 Blackberry Applications
  • Opera Mini
  • TwitterBerry
  • Viigo RSS Reader
  • BBNotePad
  • Google Maps
  • Facebook
  • Worldmate
  • Slacker Radio
  • BBScreenShooter
  • Mobipocket reader
Our expert services offered in Blackberry Application Development
  • Client/Server application
  • CRM applications
  • Wireless entertainment & gaming development applications
  • Business and marketing applications
  • E-commerce solutions
  • VoIP applications
  • Utility and communication application
  • Blackberry wireless solution
  • Blackberry Internet services
  • GPS integration
  • Third-party porting applications for location based services
  • Migration of applications from J2ME to Blackberry
How we can help you in Blackberry Application Development?
  • Expertise in blackberry development and software technology
  • Managing skilled, dedicated and hardworking team of blackberry developers, who are forerunners in blackberry application development with their sound knowledge of Blackberry JDE, blackberry development tools and APIs for building effective wireless applications.
  • Our dedicated team of blackberry developers provides efficient blackberry apps for fast, accurate, timely and customized user interfaces in Blackberry development.
  • Our blackberry developers customize apps to client specific requirements in blackBerry development
  • Rich experience in building multimedia gaming, streaming audio/video, graphics, 2D/3D animation applications, etc. in Blackberry development
  • Low cost and affordable business modules for blackberry application development
  • Building social networking applications like Facebook in blackberry