iPhone Application Development

Apple revolutionized mobile phone market with the most advanced mobile operating system, Apple OS, that integrates the functionalities of phone and computer comes with a cache of unimaginable compatible features and innovative applications using Objective C programming language. iPhone SDK is used to develop custom apps in iphone application development and is  built with an incredible array of technologies to enhance the performance of iPhones, includes Xcode IDE, iPhone Simulator, and a suite of additional tools.

What we do?

The need for unique, custom iphone applications continues to grow, as does our team of iphone developers.We can create iphone software at any complexity level for uses in areas such  as:

Business & sales applications

iphone games development

RSS aggregators

iphone widget development

Theme, mock, icon, designing

Travel and weather forecasting apps

Web service integration

Social networking

iPhone mobile website development

iPhone tools & custom utilities

Shopping/m-commerce solutions

Growth of iPhone Application Development

The iphone continues to awe the not-so-easily awed world of hi-tech connoisseurs in mobile development, so it stands to reason that iphone aficionados would demand innovative iphone applications in iphone development.
Global mobile phone market is pegged to 1.2 billion and the share of iPhone OS is 40%  
iPhone Wifi is used more than other smartphones and in the U.S it enjoys 21% share  
17.4 million iPhones sold during 2010 and overall 51.2 million iPhones sold since 2007. Analyst estimates are that 15.8 million of those iPhones sold are in the U.S, where 43% of people use iOS devices.  
More than 1.5 billion applications had been downloaded from the App Store.  
25% of non-iPhone smart phone owners have downloaded an app, and they download on average 2.5 apps per year.  
iPhone owners download 2.7 million apps / day (averaged across the lifetime of the App Store, but this is actually an accelerating curve) or 83 million apps per month.  
So the group of 17M iPhone owners is downloading apps at 6.4x the rate (83M / 13M) of the group of 250M non-iPhone owners.  
In the popular social networking iPhone apps, 71% use Facebook and 85% use Twitter  

iPhone Web Apps

An iphone web app is a web-based application that runs within the iPhone web browser (Safari). The applications are fronted with XHTML/CSS and Javascript and backed by a programming language like PHP and Ruby on Rails.

In addition to providing standard browser functionality, the iPhone browser engine (WebKit) also implements some extensions to HTML, CSS, and JavaScript including several specific to Safari on iPhone. Some Safari on iPhone extensions include CSS animation and transform properties, JavaScript database support, and JavaScript multi-touch event support. This iphone specific browser features allows to create iphone web apps by iphone app developers with the look and feel.

What our iPhone Developers do? 

Our team of iPhone Application developers is known for their creative use of applications that are renowned for flexibility and functionality in iPhone mobile application development. Our iPhone mobile apps developers can create any kind of application customized to specific needs of the client. As the need for custom iPhone applications continues to expand, so our team of iPhone mobile developers building wide range of iPhone apps in various domains increased. We can create iPhone software at any complex level of use.