Digiknots is one of those rare diamonds in the rough that we are very glad we were able to find. They not only came highly recommended, but their expertise and professionalism is something that other providers could only wish for. Our project was not a simple task, and they were able to take our ideas and run with them. They were able to come back with several iterations in a very short amount of time. We are very happy with their work, and we would easily recommend Digiknots to anyone looking to build a quality product.

I had a horrible experience with two companies before finding Digiknots. I only wish I had found them 12 months sooner I would have saved tens of thousands of dollars and a LOT of time.

We originally chose to partner with Digiknots because of their ability to customize Community Server and their competitive price structure. Surprisingly, I have found that we also have found a business partner whose expertise extends to marketing, knowledge of multiple technology platforms and understanding the challenging business environment we are all trying to operate within. Siva has also spent countless hours on the phone with our team to help figure out what direction our company should move towards and what applications should be adopted based upon where we are in our companies lifecycle. We feel that they are truly an invaluable part of our companiesfuture.

The people at Digiknots have been extremely easy to work with. After coming to them with my basic idea, they provided quick turnaround and demonstrated exceptional flexibility and responsiveness. Although my software project was not large, I was given very personalized service. manager and his group provide not only well-written software that functions in the manner desired, they are also experts at providing excellent customer service, surely a rare combination.